Wednesday, April 27, 2011

So much to write about...

It has been a very eventful two weeks! On Thursday, April 14th, we closed on our first home. That afternoon we made a few trips to the new house with our car and a borrowed truck. Friday was the biggest move day. We did a few trips on our own during the morning and early afternoon. The help started to arrive around 5:00 and we loaded up our car, another car and three trucks for our first load. As we were driving between the houses, we realized it was looking like rain. We decided to make another quick trip and worry about dinner later. So we drove back and loaded up.

One of the first things loaded in the second trip was my piano. I had two couches in the back of my truck and another truck had the large entertainment center. We headed back in caravan style, with me bringing up the rear, following our friend Todd. About two miles down the road, I noticed the bungee cords holding the mattresses in next to the piano were starting to slip. The wind had picked up significantly, and it was making our memory foam mattress move like paper. So I called Todd and told him that we should pull over and adjust the straps. We slowed down and turned right, into a parking lot. As Todd's truck turns, the piano falls off of the side of the truck and lands with a roar in the parking lot, in the outgoing turn lane. I watched the whole thing happen and was totally speechless. I pulled my truck around to block the debris from traffic and called Kraig to come back. Tyler and Josh were in the third truck that was just ahead of Todd and they heard the noise and turned back. Luckily, there were some teens walking through the parking lot that helped Todd get it out of the roadway. We were all speechless. We took pictures and loaded it back in the truck in all it's many pieces. It's now in the landfill. It was sad. My great aunt bought the piano as her first major purchase from her first big job. She gave it to me when we got married and now it's gone. I held it together when we were dealing with the situation, but then I got in the truck and cried the whole way home. I called my aunt to apologize and to get some sympathy. It was dramatic.

Luckily, we got most of the big stuff moved on Friday because it literally rained all day on Saturday. We had a few more hands on Saturday, so we took one quick trip and tarped everything for protection. That took care of all the big stuff and we've been making little trips here and there to finish up the little stuff and clean. We're hoping to have a yard sale at the old house this weekend because there is lots of stuff to get rid of! We paid rent through the end of the month, and we're gonna use the house until the end of the month!

The next week was crazy, making trips and getting unpacked. Kraig took one of our teens to Johnson Bible College for a campus visit from Wednesday through Friday. Both of Kraig's sisters and our brother-in-law arrived Thursday to spend Easter weekend with us. His parents arrived on Friday. Fortunately, they didn't mind the moving mess! It's not as bad as I make it out to be, I don't think, but I hate feeling unsettled. Once I'm ready to decorate and can put away the tubs of extra decor, we'll be doing better. We had a good Easter weekend though and enjoyed spending time with the family.

Kraig's regular day off is Monday, so we did some more cleaning and unpacking on Monday morning. When Kate went down for her nap, we cleaned out the car and cleaned the car. We need a second vehicle, and we're ready to trade in our Focus. So we ran an errand after Kate woke up and stopped by the Ford dealership to see what kind of options we had. We got there around 5:15, planning to grab dinner out when we were finished. At 9:25, we left the dealership with no Focus and two new (to us) cars. We were surprised that we were able to get what we wanted. They gave us $11000 in trade for Focus and we got a 2006 Mazda 5 for me and a 2004 Pontiac Grand Am for Kraig. Kraig's car is orange. It's perfect. They both have sunroofs. Kraig's car has quite a few miles on it, so we got it pretty cheap. The van looks brand new. It's not a huge van, it's more like an SUV with a third row of seats and sliding side doors. It's gonna be so convenient when we have two car seats. What a crazy turn of events, right?! All in all, we're paying a little more per month but we now have two cars. The first Sunday that we lived in the new house, Kraig went to first service and then ran home to get me before second service. We were almost late. Not so great when the minister can't be on time! Now we don't have to worry about that:)

In other news, I'm 24 weeks pregnant. Moving while pregnant is the worst idea ever. There's so much you can't do and I know I overdid it. My body is still sore. Kate's adjusting to a new house. It took her a few nights to be comfortable falling asleep in her room by herself, but things are much better now. Kraig's parents brought her a new toddler bed when they came this weekend, so we'll transition to that when she's more settled here. Kraig's been run ragged with all the chaos, but things will settle down soon.

AND, I won a giveaway last night!! I won a $10 store credit to JackBeNatural from The Cloth Diaper Fairy. I've ordered all my diapers from JackBeNatural. Their customer service is second to none. They are fantastic! The Cloth Diaper Fairy is a fellow Christian mommy who cloth diapers and is also expecting her second baby, and we've made a nice connection because of that. You should check out her blogs! I can't wait to order something from JBN. I'm thinking I'm going to get some diaper specific laundry detergent, but ordering another diaper is always tempting:)

Pictures of all our lastest excitment are coming soon as I figure out where I packed my camera cable!


  1. Stacy, what type of cloth diaper do you use? I've been curious about them, but just haven't been able to make a decision. My original interest was for environmental reasons, but it seems like they end up being more cost effective. Is it true, even with all the laundry?
    Also, HUGE condolances on the piano!!!

  2. Wow. That's a lot of stuff packed into a little time!!! The part about the piano made me so sad for you. Praying for you as you continue to transition. I think I told you, but we just bought our first home as well, and I (like you) don't like the unsettled feeling! :) We'll keep pressing on toward the prize, right? And I'm SO GLAD you won that giveaway!!! :)