Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Yet another doctor's appointment

I went for my 22 week checkup yesterday. Things are still looking good. Blood pressure was good. I didn't gain any weight from the prior month, which is okay for me. When the midwife went to listen for his heartbeat, he gave her a very hard time. As soon as she'd pick it up, he'd kick or rollover or move to the other side. She was laughing hysterically. I don't remember Kate being quite so active this early on. He's a feisty little guy! Thankfully, all is well!

Kate left me an interesting surprise this morning. I changed her diaper and took her clothes off after she ate breakfast and then I headed to get her clean clothes for today. I got sidetracked, however, and forgot to dress her. A while later, I'm sitting at the computer looking at something housing related and she comes in to the computer room. Before I look up, she says, "Diapah" (aka "diaper"). When I look up, she's completely naked, so I head off in search of her diaper. Naturally, I headed to her room, where she had been playing. Instead of finding the diaper right away, I found a pile of poo on the floor. I about died. She never tries to take disposable diapers off, only the cloth ones. So I went and got stuff to clean her mess up with (thankfully, it was very solid and not messy) and realize that I still can't find the diaper she was wearing. After getting the mess cleaned up, I continue searching her room to find that she's hidden her diaper in her toy box. On the upside, since the diaper was still 100% clean, she got to wear it again (with clothes this time!) and I had one less diaper to wash!

Sunday afternoon we had a similar experience. It was warm in the house, so I put her down to nap in a t-shirt and her diaper. She went to sleep without trouble, but two hours later she started screaming like something was wrong. I went in to find her bed totally soaked, her shirt soaked and her diaper was not on her body. She must have taken it off prior to falling asleep and then peed while she was sleeping. What a mess! I'm not sure if she was screaming because she was mad, embarrassed or confused, but she was definitely upset! Gotta love it!!

Moral of these stories: Don't let Kate run around without pants over her diaper!


  1. oh my. the joys of parenthood huh :)
    i guess life is never boring, huh?

  2. Ha ha! Oh my...hope Jordyn never figures that trick out. Poop is bad enough IN-diaper. :-)