Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Cloth Diapering: A week and a half in

So we made our switch to cloth diapers Thursday, March 24th. I can honestly say that I'm hooked. We've had two leaks during nap time, but both were because I failed to change her before I put her down. They're so absorbent that even I'm having a hard time telling when they're wet (which is great, but definitely not helping the potty training along). We've been out in public in them multiple times without problems. We haven't had any issues with poop leaking. It's pretty cool. I'm also super impressed at their ability to come clean. The first time Kate pooped in one I thought, "So much for them looking new and clean." By the time they came through the first rinse, I couldn't even tell which one she'd been wearing at the time. Absolutely no staining. We had a stink issue with them a couple days ago, and I think I've been using too much laundry soap. After soaking them in baking soda and water overnight, the stink is gone.

My only regret is that I didn't order more. Even one more would be enough to get me through a day and keep her in cloth until the dirties are clean. Five isn't cutting it. We've been using less than one disposable a day, though. The savings are adding up already. I'm at the time of the month where I usually buy a box of diapers. Rather than buy a new box, though, I'm going to order a few more diapers. I should then have enough to get through the day and have extras. Then once we move and have a little extra money in the bank, I'll probably order enough so that I only have to do laundry every other day. Maybe by then she'll decide she's ready to use the potty. Who knows? I'm not pushing the issue.

I love cloth diapers, though. I wish I had started Kate in cloth. You live and learn. Hopefully, I'll be able to influence some other friends to at least give them a try.

In other news, baby Jackson is super active. I go back to the doctor on Monday for my 22 week appointment. We're cruising right along!

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