Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Oh the waiting game

I'm sitting here, typing probably my last post before we move this weekend. I feel like I should be up doing something, but I'm at a loss for what I should do. Pretty much everything that can be packed at this point is already packed. There are a few small decorative items that need homes, but we ran out of tubs and big boxes. The plan is to take some of the already-full tubs to the house Friday morning, empty them and then bring them back to be refilled. It sounds like we'll have a decent sized group of our high school boys here Friday afternoon and evening, as well as our best friends, Todd and Sara, once they get off work. The weather isn't looking good for Saturday, so we'll probably try to get as much done as possible Friday. The important stuff is the big furniture that we can't move on our own or anything too big to put in our car. The rest of the stuff can take it's time getting to the new place, since we don't have to be out of this house until the end of the month. We'll see how it goes. The control freak in me is having issues just thinking about it. We've moved before, but never just across town. Any other time required everything to be carefully packed and organized to be quickly loaded into a moving van and driven across the country. Fortunately, this move should not be so difficult. I think today's major objective is just going to be getting the piles of trash we've created out of the house.

I'm so excited to be moving to a place that is really ours. It's a good feeling, yet a huge responsibility. We're going for the walk-through tomorrow morning at 11 and then closing at noon. We thought we were going to owe a small amount at closing, but it turns out we'll be getting $698 back. Can't beat that!! The extra money gave me a peace about all the things we need to purchase for the new place (like baby gates and a washer and dryer). We went last night and bought three baby gates. Two expensive ones for the tops of the stairways and a cheapie for the bottom of the stairway in the living room. We also bought dishwasher soap, which I couldn't be more excited about! We ordered the washer and dryer on Monday, and it should be delivered on Friday. We also bought hand soap for the additional bathrooms last night. I'm so excited for the extra bathrooms and the dishwasher. The rest of the house is great, but those are my favorite features:)

Enough of my rambling about absolutely nothing!!


  1. OK...this sounds EXACTLY like me 3 months ago. So weird... I probably would have written something VERY similar! Best of luck with the move. It'll all come together-- congrats on your new HOME! :)

  2. By the way (totally nothing to do with moving): did you enter your two extra entries into the giveaway? I emailed you.

  3. How exciting to be moving into your first owned home! I also ready your previous post about Kate's poo incident. Gross but so funny later what our kids do! ;) Glad to hear all is well with your pregnancy!