Saturday, April 9, 2011

I did it...

My very small stash of five diapers just isn't cutting it. I've got three or four disposables left to use when we run out or when they're not quite through the laundry cycle. Rather than buying more disposables (aka money wasters), I broke down and ordered more. Jackbenatural has a deal right now where if you buy $75 worth of merchandise, you get a free Kawaii heavy duty pocket diaper. That's what we're using anyway. So, with my $2.98 of store credit from my last purchase, a $4.23 discount from using the code JACKSFAN and a free diaper included, I got 10 diapers for $76.94. Not too shabby! I won't have to wash them everyday now! Woohoo:) I'm definitely addicted to cloth diapering and I'm totally comfortable using them in public. They're just awesome! Not convinced yet??


  1. Wow! Did you get all Kawaii? I was just on their site earlier and saw that deal.

  2. Yep. All Kawaii heavy duty w/velcro. I've been using these five for a few weeks and I love them. You can't beat the price!