Tuesday, January 4, 2011

First appointment

I had my first OB appointment last Friday, at 7 weeks 4 days. I only met with a nurse, who went over the basic pregnancy information and told me how the rest of my doctor's appointments would work. She took a more thorough medical history and did another urine pregnancy test. After sharing my previous birth experience, she acted like there was a good chance the doctor would not let me deliver vaginally (due to some tearing that had to be surgically repaired). I made sure she understood that a cesarean section would not be an option in my book until vaginal delivery had been tried. I don't care if I have to have another follow-up surgery, I want to deliver vaginally. That was upsetting. I have to get them a few of my medical records from the other hospital, and hopefully they'll change their mind. Otherwise, I'll be finding a new doctor. Not ideal. I was also given lab orders for a 24-hour urine test, a glucose test, and numerous blood tests. I went to get the kit for the urine test yesterday and I'll do the blood work on Wednesday. Hopefully, all of that will come back good and we'll just get to wait until the next appointment, which is February 7th.

How I'm feeling....I'm feeling very anxious about the possibility of not "being allowed" to deliver vaginally. If my previous doctor thought that, I should have been informed. It would have heavily weighed on our decision to have another baby. I'm also hungry all the time. This isn't anything particularly new for me, but if I don't eat I feel sick. Strong smells are also starting to make me nauseated. I only experienced this once with Kate's pregnancy, so hopefully it won't last long!


  1. Please don't let my experience with c-sections scare you, a lot of people have really good experiences. So if you HAVE TO have a c-section, its not as bad as it seems. But vaginally is definitely the way to go. I am still hoping for a VBAC!

  2. Thanks, Jamie:) Plenty of people have wonderful C-section experiences. I know I'll survive either way. Thanks for the encouragement!! Praying for you all.