Monday, January 24, 2011

Twelve more days...

The anticipation of finally getting to hear our baby's heartbeat is killing me. I don't feel pregnant most of the time. Sure I have some minor things, but I've never had morning sickness. Isn't that like the grand sign of pregnancy? I'm not saying I want any, but I would like some more confirmation that our little one is growing strong. Twelve days until the next doctor's appointment. It's kind of exciting, though that we'll be going for our big ultrasound in 6-8 weeks. It's unbelievable!! I can't believe I'm eleven weeks already. We've known for almost two full months already. Where does the time go? I'm sure it'll slow down very quickly, but right now we're on warp speed.

I'm still at this impasse between regular clothes and maternity clothes. My pants are tight. Tighter at sometimes than others. My t-shirts for sure are tighter. Maternity pants, however, fall down. Maternity shirts are baggy. I forgot about the in-between phase. I've been scouting the stores for good maternity deals, but so far I haven't bought anything new. It won't be long and I'll definitely need new jeans. My previous maternity jeans are so not cute. They were okay last time, I thought, but they don't look right with any of my shoes. I'll probably pick up a pair or two to get me to spring and then I have several cute pairs of capris and shorts. The belly band is always helpful, though. It's the only way my dress pants come close to fitting.

It was a baby kind of weekend for my friends. My friend who was on hospital bedrest with twins had her babies early Saturday morning. The twins were born a 32 weeks, plus a few days. They seem to be doing well. In the pictures, only one of them was on oxygen which is phenomenal! They must be strong little boys! Another friend had his baby Friday afternoon, also a boy. And there are so many ladies pregnant that I know right now. It's crazy how they seem to come in waves. I'm excited, though!

How I'm feeling...I'm feeling good. The exhaustion is still there and I'm not sleeping well at night, but that's about it. I'm starting to get a little more excited and it's feeling more real. I just can't wait to hear and see our little one finally!!

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