Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The things you forget about...

I feel like I haven't slept in weeks. We went through a week where Kate didn't sleep well at night, followed by me deciding that I just can't get comfortable anymore. I struggled with restless leg syndrome while I was pregnant with Kate, and it has apparently returned. Kraig decided I'm too difficult to sleep with, so he's spent the last week or so on the couch. The extra space is nice, but it's not improving my sleep at all. I'm having crazy, vivid dreams which never make for good sleep. I'm usually getting up to pee once a night and then I have a terrible time falling back to sleep. How did I forget about this?! I remember the dreams last time, but I don't remember having sleep issues because of comfort until much later on in my first pregnancy. Maybe I did, maybe I didn't. I do wish I had kept a better record of those things, though. Who knows?

Regardless, that's the worst of my symptoms right now, and I feel truly blessed. I can't imagine what it's like to go through morning sickness (or all-day sickness). I'm also blessed that Kate still takes two naps most days, so I can usually snag at least an hour of nap a day. It's a big help.

I'm supposed to be posting about maternity clothes this time around, but I wasn't really feeling it today. Maybe next time!! Though, I do have a fantastic kid product to rave about. Before Christmas, Kate had suddenly decided that she did not want or need to take baths anymore. Bath time became a huge challenge just to keep her in the tub, let alone get her clean. It was something we dreaded. Then came Christmas. Kate got this fantastic tub toy, and it's like a switch flipped.

It's a motorized faucet toy that suction cups to the side of the tub. Water runs out and through a variety of different cups that filter out water in different ways. When water runs out of the green one, the propeller spins. She loves it! Now we can't get her out of the tub. She wants to take baths all the time. She wants to stay in and play until she's well beyond pruny. It's amazing.
I know it's not made for infants, but it's such a cool thing that I wanted to share. I wish we'd had one sooner.

How I'm feeling...I think we've established that I'm tired. That's pretty much it.

Next time? I'm not making any promises!

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