Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The word is out...

We announced to our teens on Sunday that we're pregnant (my husband is a youth minister). Then we came home and put it on facebook. Everything is official once it's on facebook, of course! It's nice to finally have the news out. By the time we announced it, we'd already known for five weeks. We waited til 12 weeks the last time around, but we didn't find out quite as soon then either. It's nice to have people excited with us and it's nice to feel like I can wear the clothes that really fit me and not try to hide my every growing belly.

How I'm feeling today...I feel good! I'm tired and emotional, but that's still the worst of it. I'm so blessed to not deal with morning sickness. I'm also excited about all the changes coming. We're hoping to buy a house and move before the baby's born. I've also decided to cloth diaper and I'm excited about that. Now let's see if we can get Kate potty-trained before August!!

Next up? More on my cloth diapering decision!

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