Friday, January 28, 2011

Something's in the water

I've had TWO friends confide pregnancies in me this week. Two. Must be something in the water?? It's very exciting to have these ladies so we can endure our pregnancies together. When I was pregnant with Kate, I had a friend from our previous church that was pregnant. Our due dates were a day shy of eight weeks apart. It was great to have her to call and ask questions and to talk to about the stupid things you obsess over when you're pregnant. There are things that we talked about that I would never discuss with someone else. Our shared pregnancies created a special bond. Though, after seeing the size of her newborn, I was admittedly a little more nervous about delivering mine. Really? Something that big is going to be making it's way out of me? Eek! It was nice to know that what I was experiencing was normal, because she was going through the same things.

I'm so excited to have this again with two friends. I'll be eleven weeks Monday, one friend will be 7 weeks on Sunday and the other is just about four weeks pregnant. We'll all be hitting our milestones within just a few weeks of each other. In my previous pregnancy, my friend was overdue before she gave birth and I was induced 3 weeks early. Our babies have only a five week age difference. It's a very exciting time! I just keep waiting to hear another pregnancy announcement!

How I'm feeling...I super excited! I'm excited to have friends in my boat again. I'm excited that my next appointment is just a little over a week away. The anticipation is growing! I don't feel like my belly is growing too much. My pants are still tight, but not any different than they were in the beginning. Maybe the bloat is ending and the baby bump is starting protrude. It won't be long!

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