Thursday, December 9, 2010


I have an irrational fear of having multiples. My sister has twin, three year old girls and they're awesome. Having multiples wouldn't be so bad. However, my sister didn't find out she was having twins until she was nearing her third trimester. Talk about a shock! When I was pregnant with our first child, I had nightmares on a regular basis that we were having three or four babies at once. Needless to say, the first ultrasound was very comforting to me. Too bad I had to wait until 13 weeks to get there! I did ask the doctor if he was sure there was only one. He just laughed. Even now I feel like there's a possibility that I'm carrying twins. My pregnancy tests were positive earlier than usual. My symptoms seem to be more severe and much earlier than before. I have a very active imagination. I know that my blood levels will be different if it's twins, but not having an ultrasound until around 18 weeks seems like forever.

I think I'm more paranoid of something going wrong this time around. I'm afraid to pick up my daughter. Every little feeling I have makes me think that something might be wrong. I thought this was supposed to be easier the second time around?! I'll feel better once I get to go to the doctor, I'm sure, but that's still 22 days away. Until then, I'm praying for sanity and for a healthy baby and pregnancy. Well, even after that I'll be praying those things, I suppose.

How am I feeling? I'm suddenly exhausted. It came out of nowhere yesterday. I've had a few waves of nausea and I'm definitely feeling some abdominal aches. I'm not really sure I'd call them cramps, but it feels weird and achy. I had zero symptoms with Baby #1, so I feel like this is a whole different ball game. Hopefully, they'll pass quickly and I can stop worrying about everything!!

Next blog? The mistake of NOT getting the flu shot when you're pregnant. It's a big one!

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