Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Spreading the news!

Things are definitely a little different the second time around. Saturday night when we got the digital "pregnant," we jumped up and down and immediately called our parents and sisters. I was hesitant because it's so early, but we wanted to share are good news. They were shocked. Just two weeks ago we were with Kraig's family for Thanksgiving and I assured them that I was not pregnant. Guess I was wrong! With our first pregnancy things were a little different.

With Baby #1, I took my first pregnancy test on a Sunday afternoon. It was November 23rd, three days before we were expecting Kraig's family to arrive at our house for Thanksgiving. We decided that we would much rather share the news in person, especially since it was only a few days to wait. Kate was the first grandchild in Kraig's family. We tried to find a cute way to tell everyone, but we couldn't think of anything spectacular. We ended up hiding the tiny pair of shoes I'd bought for Kraig on our Christmas tree, hoping that someone would find them. We really thought we could wait until they were discovered. Everyone arrived late Wednesday night, and we waited for a while but the anticipation was too much. Kraig walked over to the tree and said, "Do you like our new ornament?" and threw the shoes at his mom. It wasn't long until everyone realized what was going on and lots of excitement filled the small house.

We were headed to throw a surprise 25th anniversary party for my parents a week and a half later, so we decided to tell them in person, too. We went to my sister's house the night before the party to get the planning done. Not long after we arrived my sister flat out said, "You're pregnant, aren't you?." There was no telling, she just knew. After a successful party the next night, we had my parents open their card from Kraig and I before we all left to go home. The card was signed "Love, Kraig, Stacy & Baby Bishop." They were thrilled! My mom was a little miffed that we didn't call and tell her immediately, but I wanted to see the looks on their faces. We told a few other close friends not long after that, but we saved our big announcement until the end of the first trimester. It was a long wait. I was showing pretty early, so I'm sure there were plenty of speculations before we finally told everyone.

This time around, we're thinking we'll tell our extended families at Christmas and then we'll announce it to the rest of the world (aka Facebook) after my first appointment on December 31st. I'll also take this blog public at that time, I think. Right now, I'm writing it more for me, but I do hope it becomes something more. I loved reading this kind of stuff, so I figure I can't be the only one:) That's our stories, though. Nothing too exciting. It's hard to be too sneaky and elaborate when you're so excited. You just wanna spill the beans!

Oh yes! I also promised an update on how I'm feeling so far. Today I'm 4w 2d, I think. Emotionally, I'm doing well. The first night or two, I was excited but I also cried several times. I feel like I'm going to be neglecting Kate if I have another baby. I know that's not true, but it made me cry. She needs to get used to not being the center of attention. It will be good for her. Now I'm just working through the logistics of where we're going to put a baby. We're hoping to buy a house that we can be in before the baby is born. We're paying too much for our rental now, and it's not a ton of space. We'll see!! Physically, I'm hungry, but it's probably in my head. Other than that, nothing so far. And I'm fine with that. I never really had symptoms with Kate and it was wonderful.

Next post? My fear of multiples...

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