Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I peed on a stick (or three or four)

In my last post, I promised the stories of how we've discovered our pregnancies. And, naturally, it was because I peed on a stick. I know, not funny. But here we go...

Baby #1
We were not expecting our first pregnancy. We had not been preventing pregnancy for 7 or 8 months, but obviously nothing had happened. On Sunday, November 23, 2008, we went to church and went to lunch at Moe's, I think. As we were pulling out of the parking lot onto the main road, I had the revelation that my period was at least a week late. So I said to my husband, "Can we stop at Walmart? I think I need a pregnancy test." He responded with a big grin, and we went to Walmart. I bought a pack of three pregnancy tests. Obviously, one is not enough. So we went home, I used the test and there was a faint line. I came out of the bathroom shaking and called Kraig in to look at the test. He agreed that there was a faint line. I took another one later on that day that also had a faint line. At this point, I was excited but not wanting to accept it, just in case. I told my husband that we weren't going to talk about it, and I'd test again in the morning. The next morning, I was up before Kraig was for work because I was excited to try again. The third test was also positive, but more obvious than the previous two. We were going to have a baby!

I had plans of how I would tell Kraig that I was expecting. A few months before I'd purchased a few baby items to wrap up and give him as a "surprise," but he'd practically been with me when I took the tests. No surprising him now. But I did get out the baby items (shoes and a bib that said something about Daddy) and give them to him before he headed to work. I'm pretty sure we were both glowing from excitement. I can't think of a better thrill!

Baby #2
Our hope was to be strategic in when this baby would be born. We live far away from our families and we live in the mountains, so we knew we didn't want a baby at a time that would impede our holiday travels or where the weather would prevent our family to come visit. My husband is also out-of-town several weeks in the summer, and I'm definitely not interested in having a baby by myself. So between December and February are good months for us to conceive, and between June and August. I went off birth control several months ago just to get my cycles regulated so that we could try between December and February. But I conceived in November. Both our babies have been conceived in November, actually. But something in me knew I was pregnant the moment it happened. I didn't feel funny, I don't have any symptoms, I just knew that we were pregnant. My period was set to start on Monday, December 6th, but I was too anxious to wait. I bought a two pack of regular pregnancy tests on Friday the 3rd. I took the first one Friday night, and I was convinced there was a faint line. Kraig agreed. So we waited and I took another Saturday morning. Still a faint line, but definitely stronger than the night before. I couldn't take the anticipation anymore, so I went to Target and bought two digital tests. There's nothing like the word "pregnant" on the screen to convince you. Saturday night I took the digital test, and it was positive. We're pregnant! I still had another digital left, so I took it Saturday morning just to make sure the previous three weren't flukes. It also said "pregnant." It may be a month earlier than we planned, but we are ecstatic! Kate, our firstborn, will have just turned two when this baby is born. Hopefully, she'll be potty trained and able to be Mommy's big helper.

We couldn't be more thrilled. I'm so excited to be pregnant again. It's especially neat to be pregnant at Christmas time and to think about what Mary must have gone through with Jesus. It's also a great reminder that I am so thankful I don't have to have a baby on the floor in a barn with a bunch of animals watching. I can't imagine what that must have been like.

Next up? How we told everyone and an update on how I'm feeling.

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