Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas joys and woes

We're still not home from our Christmas travels, but I have a few minutes by myself today. I promised I would share how breaking the news to our family went. It was a big letdown for me! We wanted to find a "Big Sister" shirt for our daughter to wear to help make the announcement, and we did finally. We had her in a sweatsuit with the jacket zipped up so that no one could read her shirt. Once everyone was there, we were going to take it off and just see who noticed. My sister and parents knew, but I still wanted everyone there. Before my dad arrived, my sister told my husband that Kate looked hot and so he took her jacket off. My 15 year old cousin says, "Why does her shirt say 'Big Sister?'" And someone, of course, asked if I was pregnant. I was really bummed at how it was going down so I said no. They acted excited, but everyone wasn't in the room. Finally my grandma comes in and acts all confused and someone explains to her. They were genuinely excited and there were plenty of congratulations, but I was hoping for a more organized moment. I guess that's the luck of the draw when it's your second child. Other than that, Kate had a virus on the trip and Kraig finally caught my cold. We're all finally recovering, I think, so hopefully the next two days will be better. I'm excited to get home for my doctor's appointment on Friday. I know I'm not going to get to see the doctor, but hopefully it will make this all seem real.

It's starting to look real, though. They say you show faster with your second, and they're not kidding! I was fine one days and all of a sudden a few days before six weeks, my pants decide not to fit anymore. I have an obvious baby bump that sucking in will not hide. It's pretty crazy. I'm not quite big enough for my maternity shirts yet, but it won't be long. And no, it's not from gas or constipation.

In other news, a guy from our church who has been waiting on a heart transplant for a long time finally got one on Christmas day. The surgery went very well, but afterwards things got a little sticky. They had to go back in and explore things, but he seems to be doing better now. He and his family, the Flynns, could definitely use your prayers.

I also have a sweet friend from college who is on hospital bed rest with her twin boys right now. One of the baby's water broke on Thursday and they're keeping her in the hospital until it's safe for them to be delivered or until they have to deliver them. The baby's are almost 29 weeks at this point, but they are much to small to leave their Mommy right now. Please pray for her and her family. She has a toddler at home, as well, and their hospital is a good distance from where they live. Pray for the strength of the babies, that they would mature quickly and be able to be born healthy. Pray that they are able to stay in for the next eight weeks that they're hoping for. Pray that no infections develop and that she not go into labor on her own. Pray for her husband as he juggles work, master's classes, a toddler and being away from his wife. Pray for her, too. For her strength, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually to get through this trying time. Pray that the doctors would make the best decisions for everyone involved. It's a scary situation, but it's nothing God can't handle!! I wish I could do more than pray, but I'm glad if there is one thing I can do it's plead to God for them!

How I'm feeling...I'm exhausted. With Kate being sick this week, I've missed a lot of sleep. It's definitely not helping the pregnancy exhaustion at all. So far, still no morning sickness. I'm also feeling nervous. After dealing with a particularly difficult sick child this week, I'm doubting my ability to handle two. I know I'll be fine, but my emotions are a wreck!

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