Wednesday, October 5, 2011

New Year's Resolution?

I know I'm a little late, but I've got to make a change. I'll admit it. I hate housework. I hate laundry. Unless I have motivation, like the knowledge that someone is coming over, I don't always make much of an effort. Sure, the clutter in the living room drives me crazy, so we clean up the toys one hundred times a day. Sure, I have to have clean clothes, so eventually I do laundry. But there's not much routine. I follow a blog/website called MoneySavingMom. There's lots of great practical advice for parenting and running a household, etc. One of the things she's been doing is writing out her list of weekly goals. She also shares her top five goals of the day on Facebook. Does she always get them done? No. Makes me feel good, but it also has inspired me to do the same. So here goes:

This week's goals:
1) Dust the house towards the end of the week
2) Mop the kitchen/bathrooms (Friday or Saturday)
3) Vacuum as needed (and on Sunday)
4) Clean up the kitchen after meals/before bed
5) No computer time until Kate's naptime (yes, I'm breaking this now)
6) Pump breastmilk at least once a day to stock the freezer with
7) Cook chicken for the freezer and make stock to freeze (Wednesday)
8) Prep the menu and grocery list for next week
9) Bake cookies for Sunday night teen life groups (Saturday or Sunday)
10) Do one load of laundry per day, start to finish
11) Sort through the kids clothes, putting away the ones that are out of season or the wrong size
12) Work on Kraig's birthday stuff
13) Read to both kids everyday
14) Do something artsy with Kate everyday
15) Potty training!
16) No more snacks after 8pm
17) Get some exercise at least twice

Today's top 5 goals:
1) Potty training
2) Read to the kiddos
3) Art time with Kate
4) Cook chicken and make stock
5) Clean the kitchen

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  1. Good idea! I think having a list helps tremendously and, ooh! I did #11 earlier this week. What a project!