Thursday, October 13, 2011

Bye, bye paci!

I've been meaning to blog about the pacifier-free Kate for a while, but I've completely forgotten until now!

Picture this: Three weeks ago. It's bedtime. I'm nursing Jack. Kraig takes Kate up to bed. Suddenly, it becomes quite obvious that Kate can't find her paci. Kraig searched and searched. Jack finished eating, so I searched and searched. Regardless of the efforts, no pacifier was found. Kate was not a happy camper, but eventually she fell asleep. That was the end.

Naps the first few days were difficult, but she's quite used to it now. Since then we've come across two pacifiers. She found one and was overjoyed. It was immediately in her mouth, but I made her give it up. They're both in the landfill. Haven't found anymore.

I thought for sure giving up the pacifier would be the death of me. But she did it. I'm mortified that it took so long. I was the mom-to-be who swore I'd never give my kid one. But that didn't happen. Finally, at nearly 27 months, she gave it up. (Or it gave itself up.)

Next battle: Potty training. Maybe that'll happen by accident, too?

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