Thursday, October 20, 2011

The official two month post

Jackson has been two months old for 12 days now. How did that happen? We had his two month checkup on Tuesday. His stats were 13lbs 10oz, 24 1/2 inches long, head circumference of almost 17 1/2 inches. We were there a week ago for a sick appointment and he weighed 13lbs 11 oz. The doctor said she thought the scales weren't reading accurately, so who knows what he really weighs. He was also measured at a 1/4 inch longer a month ago. It's hard to get an accurate height for a baby. Anyhow...

He's doing great. He's super strong. He smiles constantly. He giggles. He loves watching Kate play. He's a great sleeper. (Currently sleeping between 6-8 hours during the first stretch of the night and then going back to sleep for 3-5 hours). He's starting to "talk." He's a keeper!

He also got his first round of vaccines. That was good fun. They never really bothered Kate, but he slept almost the entire rest of the day and was super fussy. I know his legs were hurting, because he'd cry every time you touched them. It was sad. He seems to be doing better today, thankfully.

In other news, there won't be a to-do list this week. Our church is doing it's second "Free Yard Sale" this weekend. We collect tons of stuff and have a huge giveaway at the community center in the poorest area of Winchester. Last year we had tons of stuff and were able to help over 600 people. We spend the entire week before, though, sorting through the donations and organizing at the church. Tomorrow we'll load up trucks and trailers and move it all do the community center. It's an awesome outreach event. But, no list this week. I've barely been home.

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