Wednesday, October 26, 2011

And, we're back.....

Last week was crazy. A good kind of crazy, but definitely crazy. The "Free Yard Sale" was awesome. We had more stuff donated than we could even give away. We helped at least 580 people this weekend. It was an awesome thing. We were so blessed to just be a part of it. There were people coming to the yard sale to get things they needed that also brought things to give that they didn't need anymore. There was a man who got a toddler size car seat for his child. He took it home and came back a little while later carrying an infant seat. His child didn't need it now that they had a toddler seat. It was amazing to see the people who we consider "needy" to be giving back. Paying it forward. During Sunday's service, people were given the opportunity to share stories from the day and we heard story after story like this. I love that we're a part of a church that is actually being the church.

After a long weekend, we took the kids to Hill High Farm on Monday. They have tons of pumpkins, farm animals to see and pet and lots of fun things for little kids. It was Kate's second year visiting there. It was a bit chilly, but we had a blast. I love making memories like that. We don't take the time to do things like that often enough. Pictures below....

And, the to-do list of the week. Last week's was basically to survive. This week's?

1) Potty training (so far, so good!)
2) Work on music for the Christmas Eve service (this is possible because a friend blessed us with a keyboard on Sunday!)
3) Post a few things on craigslist.
4) Keep the kitchen clean
5) Read to the kids everyday
6) Mop the floors (like, hands and knees mop. Not swiffer mop.)
7) Laundry. Do one complete load per day.
8) Finish putting away the too small/out of season clothing. (They're out and sorted, just need put away)
9) Deep clean the fridge

--I'm sure I'll find more to add, but that's good for now!

Hope your week's are going well!

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