Wednesday, July 13, 2011

They're trying to put me in a bubble...

So last week I blogged about my fall. Well, just as my leg was finally starting to not be the most painful thing ever, I had another little accident. Seriously.

Last Friday, Kraig had the day off. We didn't do much in the morning, but when Kate went down for her nap I ran to town. I was just going to drop Kraig's check at the bank, so I didn't even bother to shower. After finishing up at the bank, though, I decided to run to Target. We had a friend at the hospital in labor and I had a joint baby shower on Saturday (for me and another friend), so I needed some gifts. Not long after I got into the store, a huge storm started up outside. It was so loud even from the inside that you could barely hear yourself think. I finished my shopping and decided to walk around more and hope that the storm would let up if I killed some time. Finally, I'd had enough. It was still raining, but I was ready to go home. My leg was sore from the walking and I was done. I checked out and ran to the car. I happened to have Kraig's car at the time. I threw the bags in the passenger seat and attempted to get in the driver's side. The person beside me was so close that it was a struggle to get my ever-growing belly inside without damaging both vehicles. But I managed.

I left the parking lot and headed home. As I neared the area where we lost our piano during the move, someone in front of me made a last minute decision to turn and came to a very quick stop. No turn signal. I managed to get stopped in plenty of time, but I could see in my rear view mirror that the car behind me wasn't slowing down. Right about the time that the car in front of me turned, the car behind me hit me. I was shocked. I saw it coming, but it was still shocking. I put my car in park and sat there for a few seconds, shaking uncontrollably. The driver of the other car got out to see if I was okay, and we decided to pull off the road into a nearby parking lot. As far as I could tell, I was okay. I didn't recall any of my body parts making direct contact with the steering wheel or anything else. The other driver was okay. His car looked awful, but he was okay. Kraig's bumper is pretty messed up, but that's what insurance is for! I called Kraig when I got into the parking lot to tell him and I also told him that he couldn't come help. I had the keys for both vehicles with me for whatever reason. He called Josh, one of the minister's at our church, and he came over to make sure I was okay and that the situation got handled right. The other guy called the cops. Kraig called my doctor. The cops came eventually and handled the situation. The doctor told me to head to the hospital. I was already having contractions from the accident or the stress of the situation, so I figured it was probably best.

I got to the ER around 4 p.m., after stopping at McDonald's for a snack. I was hungry! I sat for probably 20 minutes before they called me back. The doctor checked my neck and back and they performed and ultrasound before sending me to labor and delivery. The ultrasound looked good--no tearing or damage was detected. Once at labor and delivery, they hooked me up to the monitors where I had to stay for four hours. I was having consistent contractions every 4-6 minutes. They weren't the most painful things ever, but it was a little scary. Half way through the four hours, they checked my cervix. Fortunately, the contractions weren't causing any dilation. Because of this, they finally let me eat dinner. At this point it was like 8:30 and I was beyond hungry. I sat for another two hours and they checked my cervix again before releasing me. The "doctor" on call from my practice was the midwife that I was originally seeing. I love her, so I was very glad she was there. She offered to let me spend the night there since I was still contracting, or she could send me home with a sleeping pill. I opted to go home.

The sleeping pill didn't help much. The next day, I continued to contract. It was exhausting. Once the evening rolled around, they started getting closer together and more painful. I laid down. I drank more water. I got up and cleaned the bathrooms. Nothing was making them let up. Finally, about 10:30, I decided I needed to head back to the hospital. At this point, the contractions were every 2-4 minutes and they were lasting at least a minute each. I had one that lasted four and a half minutes. Didn't know that was possible. I called Sara to come stay with Kate, who was already in bed. Once Sara arrived, we headed out. We got to the hospital a little after 11 on Saturday night. The same nurse and midwife from the day before were there, so it was nice to not have to explain myself again. They checked my cervix again. It was soft, but not dilated. They hooked me up to the machines for another two hours, and the contractions finally started to slow down. By the time we left, they were coming about every 10-12 minutes. Much better! Over the past few days, I've continued to contract, but so far they don't seem to be doing anything. I have an appointment tomorrow for an NST and they'll check my cervix again then. Yay.

I really don't think Jack's going to hang out in here much longer. Kraig's hoping to make it through a week of camp when I'm 37 weeks, but we'll see! At this point, I'm 35 weeks 2 days. We'll see how far we get!

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  1. I had contractions like that with Keevia. I literally contracted for a month. The last 2 weeks they'd get harder and closer together at night, the slack off. I only did one "walk of shame". Did they mention if he's posterior or anterior? I know the contractions were triggered by the accident, but if a baby is posterior it can cause you to contract constantly. Which sucks.