Thursday, July 7, 2011

I promise, I didn't fall off the face of the earth...

I just fell onto it.

Last Thursday, I was feeling pretty crummy. After returning from our CIY week in Tennessee, my allergies went on major attack. I didn't feel well and I wanted french fries. I quickly got Kate dressed around lunch time and we headed out the door to go to McDonald's. We got out the door, I locked it, stepped off the front step and...stumble, stumble, trip, fall...I was down. Not really sure what happened, but in the slow motion moment of it all, I knew that Kate's head was headed straight for the concrete sidewalk. It wasn't going to be pretty. My mommy instincts kicked in and, with some serious help from God, I managed to fall in a way that completely protected Kate and Jackson both. I knew I was hurt, but I stood Kate up and checked her for damage. She was clean. Not a single scratch. Then I surveyed the damage on me. My left leg had a little bit of concrete burn. My right hand had three torn up knuckles. My right leg had a seriously large amount of skin missing and there was a large patch of scrapes on my right foot. It was starting to bleed. It didn't help that it was super hot out that day, but I was starting to feel faint and nauseated. Luckily, my cell phone was in reach, so I grabbed it and called Kraig. Apparently, I didn't bother to tell him that the babies were okay, just that he needed to come home because I'd fallen. He headed home and I called my mom to keep myself distracted so I wouldn't pass out. Kate was a trooper. She ran around the front yard and was a very good girl. We sat outside for at least 20 minutes before Kraig got home. It's normally a 10 minute drive, but he got stuck in construction. I sat in virtually the same spot on the concrete as where I'd fallen. I wasn't sure if anything else was wrong, but I didn't think I could/should stand on my own.

Kraig got home and took Kate inside and then he came to get me. Standing was painful. We made it in the house and he checked everything out and got me a washcloth to clean the dirt off with. He then headed to the store to get some antiseptic/numbing spray. It was supposed to be "no sting." It may have been antiseptic and it may have numbed eventually, but it was quite stinging. Eventually, I even got some McDonald's. Kraig stayed home with us for the rest of the afternoon. I wasn't sure if I could even get up and down the stairs to put Kate down for a nap. It was miserable. I was feeling decent on Friday, so we went to Walmart to get paint for Jack's room and to grab dinner. By the time we got home, I knew it had been a mistake. The next day I could barely walk. Until yesterday, I'd barely left the couch. I'd gone downstairs twice for a shower. I didn't go to church on Sunday. I hobbled my way to my first non-stress test (NST) on Tuesday. That was about it. Yesterday I finally made it to the grocery store, but I regretted it. Even some random stranger at the store asked me what in the world I did to my leg. It's nasty looking and can't be overlooked. I can't believe how painful it's been. I have an actual doctor's appointment and NST today, so we'll see what she says about it. It's definitely feeling better over the last day or two, but it's got a long way to go.

I'm very thankful that Kate and Jackson were both okay through it all. It could have been so much worse for all three of us.

And about CIY...
It was a great week! After the first day, I realized it was too much walking for me, so I drove pretty much everywhere. That really helped. It was a seriously sleep-deprived week, but it was great. We had four kids get baptized as a result. The music and speakers were awesome. I was so glad to be able to go. Do I wish I hadn't been pregnant at the time? Heck yes.

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