Thursday, July 21, 2011

The End of an Era

As the end of this pregnancy draws to a close, I'm finding myself a little sad. I'm very glad this pregnancy is almost over. In spite of the diabetes, it had been a fairly easy pregnancy, but since my fall and car accident it's been crazy. We're nearing two weeks of solid, every 15 minutes or less contractions. Sometimes they're very close together and I think it's time to head to the hospital. But we're still here. I'm very ready to meet my son. I feel, however, like my baby is no longer a baby. It almost feels like we're replacing her. She's a big girl now. She has a big girl bed that she successfully sleeps in. She looks huge. She's very independent. She's not a baby. It makes me sad and proud. Strange combination, but I have a feeling there will be many sad/proud moments as we continue this journey as parents. I don't like it.

In pregnancy news, I'm definitely still contracting. I think my water's just going to have to break so that I actually know that it's time. Jackson's still very active and looking good on my NSTs. Tomorrow I have an ultrasound, an NST, and a doctor's appointment. It'll be nice to see him again and find out if my cervix has made any progress since last week. The ultrasound this time is to check his weight to make sure he's not too big for a vaginal delivery. Based on the ultrasound I had at the hospital after the accident, I'm guessing he's about 7 1/2 pounds. Not too big, thankfully. I just hope we don't go clear to 39 weeks before he arrives. We'll see! I'm guessing he'll make his arrival next week while Kraig's at camp. He seems to like to do things the complicated way, so it won't be surprising! I'll update tomorrow after my appointments, hopefully...

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