Thursday, July 7, 2011

Kate's 2nd birthday

Yesterday, Kate turned two! I can't believe it. Kraig's family was going to come in last weekend to celebrate, but between my allergies and falling, we canceled. I was not up for company. It was a bummer to not have a big celebration, but we still had fun. We didn't do much during the day to celebrate, but after church we had cake and let her open the presents that were here. She had a blast. She woke up this morning talking about her birthday. We're planning to make more of a day of it tomorrow, when Kraig's off. We're going to go to the park to swing and go to the pet store to see the animals and buy a fish. She loves the fish.

In honor of her birthday, though, here's a little update on all her achievements:
-She talks nonstop.
-In the last two to three weeks, she's started using quite a few short sentences and phrases, rather than just words.
-She knows several long words, like quesadilla, basketball and motorcycle. And she likes to use them.
-She's growing like a weed. I can't wait to see her growth progress at her checkup in a couple weeks.
-She's finally able to climb onto furniture and get back off.
-She's a pro at the stairs.
-She loves to help unload the dishwasher.
-She's very, very polite. She says "thank you" and "please" like a champ.
-One of her favorite things right now is to lift up my shirt, put her hand on my stomach and say, "Jackson's moving?" It's adorable!
-She spent her first whole week away from Mommy and Daddy when we were at CIY and she did great.
-She loves to swing.
-She loves to swim.
-She loves to talk on the phone.
-She's still a great sleeper. Hopefully she can teach her brother.

There are plenty of other things I could say, but that's sufficient. She's getting her toddler bed put together this weekend. Hopefully that will be a smooth transition. We've had a few decent attempts at potty training, but I've given up until we're settled into our new routine after Jackson's born. No pressure.

We've really been blessed with an awesome kid and it's hard to believe she's TWO! Where did time go?! Pictures to come in another post. The camera's upstairs and I don't feel like hobbling up to get it:)


  1. Yay, Kate!! Happy Birthday! They grow so fast, huh?!? :) Question for you...what cloth diapers did you go with? I haven't bought ours yet but getting ready to. We were going to with Mother Ease but they are really expensive. Was wondering if there was something else out there. I want the one size ones. Are you using one size?
    Jessica :)

  2. Thanks, Stacy. They don't leak at all? What is the price difference between the snap and the velcro? How many do you suggest getting? Do you do them at night or do disposable at night? We going to do them all the time except on vacations. I thought maybe 14 to start with I would be washing every other day then.

  3. also, suede or microfleece? it said that suede was the only available one on jackbenatural's site.