Thursday, July 5, 2012

Blog-worthy news!

I've been a little silent in the blog world lately.  Not necessarily intentional, but life has just been crazy.  We've dealt with several home issues, our central air is broken, we've had big youth things to do, we've done a 25 hour trip to Ohio for a funeral, we've vacationed with my family, dealt with nasty thunderstorms.  It's been crazy.  Tomorrow Kate will turn three, so I'll save a post for her for later, but today Jackson is begging for an update!
Jackson "riding" one of his new toys (and apparently going through my wallet!)

Jack will be 11 months old on Sunday.  He's a little chatterbox. His vocabulary is growing little by little. He says mama, dada, bye-bye, bite, up and he's always trying to sing along with whatever music is on. He shakes his head yes or no. He's waving hi/bye. He's eating three meals a day, along with us, and still nursing 2-3 times a day. Some days I think he's ready to wean and other days I'm not sure how long he'll want to continue. My goal was to make it to 11 months and we've basically done that.  Very cool.  For the past couple weeks he's been taking a few steps here or there, only to realize what he's doing and then take a seat.  Saturday, however, he decided it wasn't so scary anymore.  It's official:  we have a walker.  More than a week shy of 11 months, Jack took the plunge.  Anyone remember how old Kate was?  He has her beat by nearly 8 months.  Haha! 

 He had a checkup a few weeks ago and weighed something like 21 lbs 2 oz.  He's 50 percentile for weight,  75-90 for height and his head, much like his sisters, is off the charts.  He's obviously going through a developmental stage (throwing fits, being extra clingy, learning to walk, etc).  He's recently decided he doesn't want to feed himself anymore, and he wants to be fed while sitting on your lap.  He loves playing with cars and trucks, especially all the new tractor toys he got for an early birthday present from my parents.  He's sleeping pretty well at night. Bedtime is at 8:30 and he usually wakes around 6, when I bring him to bed with us and he nurses back to sleep until 7 or 8.  Still not as good of a sleeper as Kate was, but I'm very grateful that he sleeps through the night. 

Sunday, we're taking the teens to the CIY: Move conference.  This year we're going to Lee University in Cleveland, TN.  Kate will be spending the week with Kraig's parents and Jackson will be coming along with us.  My mom will be going with us to help out with Jackson, so that I can focus on why we're there but still be around to nurse him. I'm a little nervous about it, but it was the only option that allowed me to go too.  I'm praying it will be a great week and that he will sleep well.  We shall see! 

Kate update to follow soon!!  Hope you're all doing well:-)

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