Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Sigh of Relief

If you haven't read about my drama with the insurance company, check out yesterday's post.  Today, I have better news, though! 

After being on the phone with the doctors and insurance company all morning yesterday, I decided I needed to take Kate to the doctor.  She had been coughing for a couple days, but it was starting to sound like wheezing.   They scheduled us for a 3:00 appointment.  We made it into the office at 3:08, after I had to wake Kate from her afternoon nap.  She was less than thrilled to be going to the doctor, but I'm so glad I took her.  Her behavior doesn't really scream "sick kid," but when she starts coughing, as my husband put it, "you just want to hold her."  The verdict?  Pneumonia.  I was expecting to maybe get an antibiotic, but not a pneumonia diagnosis.  Instead of one antibiotic, we have two antibiotics, one steroid and breathing treatments.  The good news is, her 36 hours of  102 degree fevers seem to be over.  She slept soundly last night and seems to be coughing less this morning.  Thankfully, she's not fighting the breathing treatments too hard.  Convincing a three-year-old to rest, however, is not so easy!

While we were at the doctor's office, the office manager called me back to her office to talk about Jack's cardiologist appointment.  After another phone call with the insurance company, she had a solution.  Six weeks later, the insurance company did the smart thing and pointed out another practice we could go to that they would approve.  Not sure why it had to take so long, but at least it's an answer.  So we have an appointment next Tuesday.  Not great timing, since Kraig will be at camp, but I'll be glad to have it over. Our doctor doesn't normally refer to this cardiologist, because he tends to want to run every test in the book--necessary or not.  It will get the job done, though, so I'm thankful for a solution.

After the doctor's appointment, we had our highlight of the day.  We headed to Target to drop off Kate's prescriptions.  I had a coupon to receive a $5 Target gift card with the purchase of a prescription, so it seemed like the place to go--especially with three prescriptions to fill.  We dropped them off and then headed to meet Kraig for dinner.  When we went back to get the meds, my favorite pharmacy tech was there to help me.  She got the meds and I handed her my coupon.  When she handed me my receipt, she gave me THREE $5 gift cards and mumbled about it to me very quietly.  I questioned her and she said, "You're a loyal customer.  I feel like you deserve it."  So I told her that had literally made my day and shared with her a few of the negative points of the day.  She told me she'd be praying.  It was very sweet and redeeming to feel like someone in the world does actually care about others.  I was very grateful to end the chaos of the day on that note. 

In other news, Jackson apparently likes to eat deodorant.  Oh the joys of parenthood:)

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