Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I gotta get this out...

I've been ready to do an update for over a week, but there's been no time--or internet!

Is it really January 9th already? My word...

Back to December (no, it's not a song reference)...

Christmas was a crazy busy time for us this year. I mean, it's always busy, but we had some added responsibilities that were awesome but very time consuming. We hosted Kraig's family for Christmas this year. Thankfully, they were able to oblige us by traveling to us this year. With Christmas being on a Sunday, traveling at the right time to see the whole family was going to be difficult for us. So they came! We got to enjoy several days with all of them, which was great! It was also nice to have the extra hands:) Since we had the Christmas Eve service Saturday and church on Sunday, we decided to open presents Christmas Eve morning and pretend it was Christmas:) We stopped halfway through for lunch and finished up just in time to get ready for the evening service. Luckily, Kate's not a wake up at 5 a.m. to open presents kind of kid, yet. I'm sure it's coming, but we were safe this year.

Kraig was in charge of our Christmas Eve service this year and he, along with myself and a small group of musicians, put together a performance of Andrew Peterson's Behold the Lamb of God. We're no Andrew Peterson, by any means, but it was an awesome night of telling the story of Christ in a very unique way through music. We were privileged to be able to do it and the Lord blessed our efforts. If you've heard this music, however, you understand that it's challenging work. We spent hours and hours rehearsing, preparing and setting the stage for the big night. It was labor intensive, but worth every minute. The musicians who participated did a fabulous job. Kraig did a great job. After the service was over (huge sigh of relief!), we went out for Chinese food with the family.

Quick rundown of the next week:
Monday: Sisters and brother-in-law left.
Tuesday: Kraig and I got to go to dinner:)
Wednesday: Kraig's parents left.
Thursday & Friday: LAUNDRY!
Saturday: Pack for Ohio, mini-New Year's Eve celebration.
Sunday: I finished packing like a crazy lady, packed up the kids and headed to church. After church, we drove to Ohio.

Once we made it to Ohio, we unloaded the van and ate some yummy appetizers. Mom even made sushi! After the bellies were full (much too full), we opened presents. I made a couple homemade gifts for my mom and sister, which I'll share another time:) It was so good to be home. We spent the rest of the week enjoying family time and getting some rest. On Wednesday, my sister took the kids to her house and her and mom kept them so I could take a lonnnnnnnng bubble bath. My sister got my lots of bubble bath goodies for Christmas, including two magazines to read. So thoughtful! I enjoyed every minute of the peace. After my bath was over, we ran over to feed Jack and then Kraig and I walked through a few thrift stores. Since our hands were empty, we even got to hold hands with each other! It's the simple things!

Friday, Kraig and I took Jackson and headed to Indiana for a wedding. Kraig was a groomsman for one of his college roommates. It was a beautiful wedding. It was even more beautiful because our hotel was a block away from a Jimmy John's. That was thoroughly enjoyable. On Sunday, we headed back to Ohio to get Kate and re-pack for our trip home. We were there from Sunday to the following Monday, the longest time we've had away since we moved here. It was a nice break, but it's also nice to be home.

We had a wonderful Christmas and I hope that you did too!

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