Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I'm so behind!

It's been a decent, productive week thus far. Some of it by choice, some not so much.

I've been on an organization streak and Kraig's motivated to paint, so we're getting some things done. Sunday night and Monday, Kraig painted the basement bathroom and did a few odds and ends. I cleaned out and organized the spice cabinet, cleaned the microwave, taught piano lessons, cooked dinner.

Yesterday, I ran downstairs to start some laundry and realized that the pile (or MOUNTAIN) of laundry in front of the washer was wet. Not good. I moved it around and realized that the floor was wet and there was water all over the floor and under the washer and dryer. Not good. I quickly figured out that the hot water tank was leaking all over the floor. Who knows how long it had been that way. I called Kraig and he came home to check it out. Not long after he got home, I called my dad. Thankfully, he'd been rained out of work, so he could help. I described what was going on and he immediately knew the problem. After a trip to the hardware store, Kraig went back to work. He was able to fix the problem after work in like 15 minutes for about $10. What a relief! As first time home owners who live far, far away from our parents, we're learning a lot! So thankful for my husband!

I made delicious Olive Garden style zuppa toscana for dinner. It was fairly simple and very delicious! It was even better today for lunch. We also had a loaf of artisan bread that I made. My mom turned me onto a recipe for a quick, no knead artisan bread that is delicious. We've thoroughly enjoyed having fresh bread with our meals. You can find the recipe here. Seriously, so easy that Kate could probably do it. The perfect recipe for a crazy, busy mommy!

Today, we've done about five loads of laundry and I'm trying to find some decorating inspiration for the house. We're trying to pick paint colors and it's sooooooo hard!

Hope you're all doing well:)

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