Friday, December 9, 2011

The All-Too-Big Four Month Post

I can't believe Jack is four months old already! It just feels like yesterday that we brought him home from the hospital, but it also feels like he's been part of our family forever. I wondered if I could possibly love another baby as much as Kate, and I do. I love him so much. I just want to soak every little thing about him in and savor it. He's growing too fast. Poor little guy has a cold AND he's teething. He's been a bit of a bear for the past week, but it will pass. In honor of his four month birthday yesterday, here's a list of Jack's "accomplishments":

-Weighed 15lbs 7oz last week, more than double his birth weight
-Has successfully, exclusively breastfed for 4 whole months
-Can roll over both ways (as of this week)
-Smiles and laughs constantly
-Loves watching his big sister play
-Has traveled to Ohio three times and Pennsylvania twice (yes, we're crazy)
-Is getting very good at playing with toys (or...putting them in his mouth)
-Had been sleeping through the night, but between growth spurts, teething and being sick, he's been waking a little more often in recent days
-Seems to have outgrown his dislike for onions (thankfully!)

He's a sweet, little boy. I can't wait to see more of his personality as he continues to grow. Life's crazy with a toddler and an infant, but I wouldn't have it any other way! Here's a few pics for you to enjoy from our recent family pictures:


  1. Yay for exclusively breastfeeding!

    Stacy, you look GORGEOUS!!!!! I just thought I'd tell you. I mean seriously, you don't look like you had two kids! And your babes are adorable as well!!!

  2. Thanks, Shaina! Weight loss has been so easy the second time around. Hopefully you'll get to enjoy that too:) Thank you for the encouragement!