Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Quick update

Kate and I had a great trip to Ohio. I'll post more on that with pics eventually.

I had my 30 week checkup yesterday and finally got to meet my new doctor. She's okay. Not bad, but I wasn't impressed. Anyhow...I'm down 6 pounds from my appointment two weeks ago. Guess the gestational diabetes diet is good for lots of things. The doctor said that weight loss was actually a good sign, because it means I'm losing any excess fluid. I officially weigh less than I did when I got pregnant. Too weird. At my last appointment, I was measuring 31 weeks but was only 28 weeks along. Yesterday, I measured about 31 1/2 weeks at 30 weeks. Seems like things are slowing down, thankfully. We talked about induction. Gestational diabetes babies can have slower lung development, so they won't consider it until 39 weeks unless there are other issues. She did say, however, that once we see how big he is via ultrasound, we'll be able to discuss what we want to do (aka vaginal vs. cesarean). She acted like this was a "we" decision, not a "her" decision. I'm thankful for that. Hopefully the growth will continue to slow down to a normal rate and size won't be an issue. I'm also hoping I go into labor on my own earlier than 39 weeks. Who knows.

My fasting sugar levels when I wake up in the morning are still high. All the others are fine, regardless of what I eat, but not when I get up. It's a hormone thing, I guess. But we tried adding extra exercise, snacks and even eating in the middle of the night, but nothing helped. So, I'm starting insulin tonight. Everyone tells me it's not that big of a deal, I just know it's going to be hard to work up the nerve to actually do it. Prayers, please!

All in all, things are good!

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