Thursday, June 9, 2011

Our trip to Ohio

Kate and I went to Ohio last Sunday afternoon to visit my family. It's probably the last time I'll attempt to travel by myself with children for a couple years. The trip out was good. Kate was awesome. The trip home was awful. Not a fun day!

We got there around dinner time Sunday and got to enjoy the evening and all of Memorial Day with my mom, dad, sister, brother-in-law and nieces. It was good fun. Dad went back to work on Tuesday and the girls went shopping. All six girls (mom, sis, me, Kate and twin nieces) loaded up in my van and headed to Hobby Lobby. For those of you who don't have a Hobby Lobby, you're seriously missing out. It's the best craft supply and home decor store out there. Unfortunately, there aren't any in Virginia. Going to Hobby Lobby is a must when we're in town. We're decorating Jack's room with a vintage Cleveland Browns theme. I found tons of great stuff there that was football related and brown and orange. It's like they knew I was coming. We ended up with three wall hangings, a light switch cover, an awesome lamp and a cute teddy bear piggy bank. I was ecstatic. I can't wait to get his room put together so I can show off the pictures! After Hobby Lobby, we took the girls to the mall to play in the kiddie area. Kate had a blast playing with her cousins.

Kate loved being able to spend so much time outside. She loved the porch swing, though she was adamant that being on the porch was not outside. She loved playing with the kitties. She loved having the girls to play with. She's talked about nothing else since we got home. We had a great visit, but it definitely didn't last long enough! It had been a while since we'd seen my family, but we'll get to see them again when the baby comes! It's nice to know when the next time will be.

Kate also had her first ice cream cone while we were there. My sister had stuff to do Wednesday evening, so I volunteered to keep the girls and take them for ice cream. It was a blast! Every time I see my nieces, they've grown in some big way. They'll be four in a couple weeks, which is so hard to believe. I promised pictures, so here they are:

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