Monday, May 16, 2011

Score of the week

(I'm thinking this may become Monday's weekly post....)

So, I've redeveloped my love for couponing. Yes, I'll admit some of it has to do with TLC's Extreme Couponing, regardless of the fact that it's mostly absurd and impractical for the average person. Nonetheless, I've got my coupon stash going and I've had some great deals. I get an email every week that outlines what's coming in the Sunday paper. Some weeks, the coupons are great and it's worth buying multiple papers. This week didn't look so great, so I only bought one. After grocery shopping, I regret it. There was a $1.00 off any box of Ronzoni Garden Fresh pasta (I think that's what it's called). It's the pasta that's different colors because it's enriched with veggies. Anyhow, it was on sale for 4/$5 at Martins, so $1.25 a box. With the coupon, I got it for a quarter!! Almost free. Cheap enough in my book to count as a steal. I only bought one paper, though, so I only got one box. You live, you learn! That was a good deal, for sure. Yoplait yogurt was on sale and I had a coupon, so I got each of them for $.23 less than usual. Not too bad. I didn't need much this week, so I pretty much got milk and the rest were sale/coupon items. I love it when the stockpile's big enough to do that. It meant I spent $25 on groceries this week and we got to eat out multiple times this weekend on the rest of the grocery budget. That makes this Momma happy!

My best score of the week, however, comes from craigslist. I got a text from a good friend this morning letting me know that someone had listed a lot of cloth diapers on there. I immediately raced to my computer to see this listing: wahm fitteds/fleece all in ones, fleece cover, cloth wipes, small wetbag, snappis. I think theres around 18 diapers. $65 for the whole box. After emailing the seller to ask for pictures and details, I learned that there are 22 diapers--none of which require prefolds. Woohoo. Upon the condition of seeing them and approving the condition that they're in, I offered her $60 and she accepted. She apparently got them from a friend and then forgot about them until after her baby was too big for them. Being that they're newborn/small size diapers, they won't last long, but they should get us from newborn until our Kawaii one-size diapers fit. SO excited! It's a HUGE savings. I can't wait to go see them and put pictures up on here. Thankfully, she has boys, so they're all boy prints! Perfect for little Jackson. I'm so thankful that God helps watch the budget for us with deals like this. And super thankful to Erica for the tip!! It's just a good thing she has no interest in cloth!

And a shoutout to the hubby: I had my glucose test this morning. My doctor's office requires the two hour test the first time around, so I sat for a while. My appointment was at 8:30, so I was up and out before Kraig and Kate were awake. When I got home, though, Kraig had been super productive. He'd swept the front entry floor and the little bathroom, he'd gathered trash in the kitchen, bathroom and living room, he'd cleaned the little bathroom and taken a bunch more stuff that didn't belong in the living room to the basement. Yes, we still aren't done unpacking. AND, he fed and changed Kate. I was impressed, proud and grateful, so I thought I'd brag. I love my husband:)


  1. A little jealous of the cloth diaper steal (but happy for you, too, of course)! :-) Don't you love when you come home and hubs has done productive things? It makes me feel so much more relaxed when I get home!

  2. Erin, it couldn't be better!