Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Your husband did what?!

I post about the kids all the time and about things that I'm doing, but I think it's high time for a little post about my husband.  He's pretty awesome.  I thought about titling the post "My Husband is Better Than Yours," but I didn't want to deal with the online cat-fight that it was sure to incite.  So, I didn't.

My husband, Kraig, and I met a little over 7 years ago.  We were both spending our summer representing our own Bible colleges at different church camps across the U.S., when we happened to meet at a week of camp in Indiana.  Nothing happened there, but you can say that we "noticed" each other.  He had a girlfriend at the time, but it was still nice to make a friend.

Fast forward to March of 2006, when we started dating.  He lived in Tennessee, and I was in Kentucky.  We survived the long-distance nature of our relationship and, in September of 2006, Kraig asked me to marry him.  Nine short months later, we were married.


In June, we celebrated 5 years of marriage, during which time we've moved four times, had two babies, lost loved ones and made lots of new friends.  There have been many highs and lows, but it's been great.  I think our beginning with a long-distance relationship only makes us appreciate and enjoy the time we have together more.  Anyhow, that's the basis of how we met, etc.  Now on to the good stuff...

Last Wednesday night, Kraig kept the kids while I went to practice at church for our praise band.  Sometime during practice, though, I got a text that said, "I think Jackson just tasted poop for the first time."  Eww.  Bad diaper changing experience.  That's always good.  Then I got another text: "It's all falling apart here.  The toilet overflowed and I didn't know it.  Kate tried to go potty and peed all over the floor.  Everything is wet. They're both screaming."  I felt bad, but couldn't help but laugh.  These are the things that usually happen when he's at work and I have to deal with them.  It's par for the course, so to speak.

I was prepared for the worst when I got home, but I was pleasantly surprised.  When I walked in the door, there weren't toys scattered all over the floor, the kids were in bed, the bathroom was cleaned up.  Then I walked into the kitchen.  He had done some work!  Everything was picked up, the kitchen was clean, the floor was swept, the floor was mopped and there were pork roasts in the crock pot filling the house with a delicious, eat-me-now kinda smell.  Talk about impressed!  I think my jaw hit the floor.  And this was after a whole day of work, while dealing with both kids.  Super impressed.

So there you have it.  He mopped and cooked and dealt with the mess.  I have the best husband.  You can all admit it now.  Sorry, ladies.  I've won.


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  2. Well done, Kraig! :) What a great welcome home!