Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Jack's Belated Birthday Post

Since we traveled over the course of Jack's birthday week, I never made it around to blogging about it. But here goes! Jackson turned 1 last Wednesday. I'm sure you're expecting the "I can't believe it" and "How time flies!" comments, but they're true! It has been an incredibly fast year. He's an awesome, sweet, cute kid, though. See how cute he is:
Boy loves him some sweet corn:)

He had a great birthday.  The celebrations spanned between the end of June and the beginning of August, so he feels VERY special.  He got lots of great gifts.  My personal favorites?  The new cloth diapers we got!  We got 7 total.  Three special prints (camouflage and 2 denim), three minkys (zebra, polka dots and cow print) and one red.  They're great.  They're also the first snap diapers we've owned.  I must say, I've whole-heartedly recommended velcro in the past, but I disagree now.  They're convenient and all, but the snaps fit so much better.  But, I digress...

Jack's list of 1st birthday milestones/loves, etc:

-He started walking over a month before his birthday.  Now he just runs.
-He still only has four teeth
-He's down to nursing only once a day, in the early morning hours.  It's really just a ploy to get to sleep in our           bed.
-He can now climb onto the couches
-He's learning how to go down the stairs the proper way
-He has a growing vocabulary.  First thing in the morning, when Kate wakes up he always says, "Sissssss."  
-He will often bring me a clean diaper when he's ready for a diaper change.  Hysterical.
-He still loves his cars and anything with wheels, though he does try to steal Kate's baby dolls...
-He's getting very good and aiming and throwing a ball.  It nearly ALWAYS manages to hit me.  
-He prefers cups with straws, especially if they're mine or from a fast food establishment.
-He's generally sleeping from 8:30-6:30, at which time he gets in bed with me and nurses back to sleep
-He takes two 1-2 hour naps in the day.  Generally, for a total of 3 hours.
-He loves to give hugs and kisses.
-The kid has rhythm.  Future drummer of the Bishop Family Band, no doubt.
-At doctor's appointment a few days before his birthday, he weighed 22lbs even.  No idea how long he is.  The official well-baby appointment is in a week or two.  Updates then!

And now, some pics for your general enjoyment:
Yes, I turned his car seat around.  I'm that mom.

The closest thing we got to a family picture on his birthday.  Looks a little different than the one last year:
Things have definitely changed!

He dug in mouth first:) Smart kid. Just did what the rest of us wanted to do.

And he's grown a little bit...

Happy birthday, sweet Jackson!


  1. Aww, Happy Birthday, Jackson! I did it a few months later, but I'm THAT Mom, too. We turned N's car seat recently. :)