Saturday, March 19, 2011

Things on the homefront

At my ultrasound earlier in the week, the ultrasound tech determined that I'm measuring a week ahead. Counting that way, I'll be 20 weeks on Monday! I'm going to stick with 19, but 20 sounds good! I can't believe how fast this is flying along.

Things are going well around here. We're set to close on our house on April 14th and we should have keys that day. We've been enjoying some spring-like weather, which has Kate begging to go outside constantly. Her vocabulary is rapidly expanding. I read something the other day that a kid her age should have a regular vocabulary of 5-20 words. This seems low to me, considering that Kate has around 150 regular words in her vocab. Not to mention all the words she comprehends. She's constantly surprising me with a new word and it's amazing how much easier it is to communicate now. Kraig's doing well. He's planning for a big summer with two trips and a week of camp, PLUS having a baby. I'm sure it'll be crazy!

I'm still feeling pretty well. I had some allergy issues earlier this week, since things are blooming here, but they seem to have dissipated. I'm still dealing with back/hip pain, particularly with sleeping, but I anticipate they'll be with me for a while. I had a massage when I was about this far along with Kate and it helped tremendously. I may have to see if we can work that in the budget. I'm getting excited about having a little boy. I sorted through all the tubs of clothing that Kate's outgrown in the last 20 months. There were ten total. I pulled out about a tub full of gender neutral clothes and loaded the rest to send back to my sister. She's going to store the girl clothes until we've both decided whether or not we're done making babies. We've got three outfits this week from friends and my mom bought me a new diaper bag for my birthday (Vera Bradley). We've got hand-me-downs coming, too. All-in-all, I think Kate had too many clothes, but I'm sure our little guy will have plenty.

I've come to a decision about cloth diapers, I think. I'm going to purchase Kawaii diapers. I think prefolds and covers are a great idea, but I don't think they'll be as great for us since they're a little more of a hassle to use. I love the idea of pocket diapers and all-in-ones. I'm planning to purchase mostly pocket diapers, but also a few AIOs to use if we're going out. I'm still debating between Velcro and snap versions. Velcro seems to make sense for ease of use, but they tend to wear out a little faster than snaps. Though, as a friend reminded me, you can replace the Velcro or even convert them to snaps eventually. Price wise, they're the same, so I may just order a few of each to start with and then add more once I decide what I like. Overall, I'm going to be able to get everything I need to get started, including some smaller diapers to use in the newborn phase, for around $150. That's about what it costs for two months of disposable diapers, but they'll last much longer. I can't wait to get started!

Next doctor's appointment, just a boring, routine checkup is April 11. A little over three weeks away!

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