Friday, February 4, 2011

Coming soon...

Things are getting back to normal here. We've all been sick. Kate's finally better. Kraig's getting there. I'm in the midst of a nasty cold, but I'll survive. Monday afternoon I'll have my first real appointment with my doctor and we'll finally get to hear the heartbeat of this baby. I can't wait! I'll be posting Monday or Tuesday about how that appointment goes. I'm anxious to meet the doctor and see if I'm going to like this office or not. I loved my doctor with Kate and I'm not sure anyone could live up to that experience. I hope it doesn't ruin me!

I'm also going to start a series of posts called "The Things They Don't Tell You." It'll be all the things I've learned so far about pregnancy, childbirth and living with a newborn that don't always get talked about. Hopefully, it will be informative and enlightening!

How I'm feeling...anxious!

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