Tuesday, March 13, 2012

We're going to the beach!

Okay, we are going to the beach, but we're not really going to the beach. This isn't a typical post for me, but I want to share what we're doing this weekend.

When we took our teens to CIY: Move (a teen summer conference) last summer, they were presented with a challenge. They were each given the opportunity at the end of the week to open a challenge card. They're called "Kingdom Worker cards," as CIY tries to relay the message to teens that you can work for the Lord in any workplace, not just if you're in the ministry. There were all sorts of different requests like, "lead a weekly devotion with your family," "take breakfast to your teachers once a month," and "drink only water (not in a bottle) for a whole year." When one of our teens, Tyler, opened his card, the serious-level of the challenges went up about ten notches. At the top of his card there was a number: 26.2. Tyler's challenge was to train for and run a marathon within the year. What a challenge! Now, Tyler is athletic. He plays baseball. But he's not a runner. This was definitely an intimidating task. But he didn't seem to shy away from it. As the rest of the teens opened their cards, we all held our breath, hoping that no one else would have such a task. Tyler was the only one.

As Kraig continued talking to the teens, reminding them what their challenges meant, he challenged the adults to team up with one of the teens and do the challenge with them. Immediately, I knew what was about to happen. Todd, our male sponsor (and Todd of Todd and Sara), is a runner. He was already in the process of training for a half-marathon, but he'd been very vocal that he had no desire to run any farther than that. When Todd spoke up, he was almost trembling and tearing up. God was pushing him and he knew it. Todd volunteered to train and run with Tyler. He knew the distance of a marathon is not something to do on your own. He knew that together, they could do this. And that's what they're going to be doing this weekend. They're both registered to run in the Shamrock Marathon in Virginia Beach this Sunday.

We're headed down to watch them, along with a handful of people from the church. We are so proud of what they have done. It hasn't been easy, but they've pushed themselves. On top of just running the marathon, they've teamed up with Active Water to raise money to provide safe drinking water for people that don't have access to it. They've done an outstanding job raising money and they've had a lot of generous people. If you'd like to show your support for Todd and Tyler, that would be awesome. Below will be the links to their individual Active Water pages, where you can donate to their specific efforts. We love these guys and love what they're doing. Can't wait to see them at the finish line!! Of course, another way to support them would be to lift them up in prayer. Pray that they would have the mental ability to get through the race and that their bodies will allow them to make it through--injury free. If you could pray Sunday morning, that would be awesome.

But, we are going to the beach:) It's only overnight, but I'm super excited to show Kate the ocean!

Thanks for reading about this. If you want to donate, here are the links:
for Todd
for Tyler

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  1. That's awesome! Looks like they're doing great with fundraising, too! Have fun at the beach!