Sunday, February 12, 2012

I have a big announcement...

No, we're not having a baby:) I skipped church this morning.

It wasn't by choice. I thought about staying home because it's frigid outside. Cold doesn't even describe it. I decided to go, however, and showered and got the kids ready. When I went out to warm up the van, it wouldn't start. Tried again a few minutes later and it still wouldn't start. Tried to jump it with the battery jumper thing (after a few phone calls to Kraig), but the jumper thing is also apparently dead. Guess we should charge it. And get a new battery. Good fun. So bummed. Kate sobbed. She said, "I NEED to go to church. We can walk there." Heartbreaking. I love that she wants to go, though. But we're sitting at home.

I was super excited to hear Kraig's sermon this morning. We're on week 4 of our Girls and Boys series with the teens. It's based off of the Doug Fields "The Power of Sex" series. It's about sex and relationships. So far, it's been very well responded to and attendance has been great. It's such an important topic. I actually had to teach the second sermon, called "What a Girl Wants." For some reason, Kraig didn't think it was meant for him to teach:) It was originally by a girl, though, and I think having a new voice speaking to them was probably a nice change of pace. Our involvement minister is teaching the lesson boundaries next week. It's really been a great series. We're praying that it at least makes them think. And hopefully it will really help the middle school kids to not make some of the mistakes that some of the high schoolers already have. It really is possible to have healthy relationships and to still be a virgin when you get married. Anyhow, we're doing our best and praying that God will really work in their hearts.

Last night, Kraig and I actually had a date night. We very rarely go anywhere without at least one kid, but last night we left them both with our sitter. She had her hands full, but she survived four whole hours with them. And we got to enjoy our night out. We had gift cards to Olive Garden from Christmas that we were able to use, so dinner was free. Then we did a little shopping. It's nice to be able to hold hands with my husband for a change:) We had a great time!

Alright, time to be productive!

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